JUST Go - TagVita in Peru!

by Ginkgo Admin

Just Go

Sometimes in the life you simply decide "just to go"! Go to breath the air and find out yourself!

Life is short, therefore there is no need to looking for a short cut to make your life even shorter! Treating yourself better, taking your time to think, prepare and then go, exploring the world and exploring yourself!

Soren, a young professional businessman and a hand-ball sportier, slimily decided to make a "Just Go to Peru"! 3 weeks hiking in the mountain to find out where his life stands and what are the properties of himself! Well-done! Great job!

TagVita has the great pleasure to accompany him 3 weeks, sharing the great adventure of exploring "Peru and I"!

Just Go

有时我们只需要勇敢的迈出那第一步! 在去呼吸那原始的,新鲜的空气中找回自己!

生命亦短暂,我们又何必一定去为了追求那所谓的"捷径", 而将其变得跟短暂呢?


Soren, 一个年轻的职业商人和手球运动员。他在自己人生的十字路口时,决定远足探寻秘鲁! 3个星期的秘鲁山脉中的远足, 他不但找回了自己,并且重新树立了自己的人生目标!勇敢的决定!帅极了!

TagVita 十分荣幸的在这三周里陪伴着他,经历了一次美丽人生"脱变"的过程!

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