Be Free

by Ginkgo Admin

Everyone must choose one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret! Get the right helps reduce and stop the pain! Things never will get easier, but you will get stronger! Keep doing the things you love! Be free from the pain, Be free from the worries!


每个人都必须经历两种"疼痛": 自律的痛苦,或者是后悔的痛苦! 及时使用能够帮助你减轻或停止疼痛的办法和护具! 世上事永远不会变得比以前更容易,但你会变得比以前的你更坚强!坚持做自己喜爱的事,不放弃! 自由, 其实很简单,就是令自己从身体到灵魂,无痛无忧!

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