Special designed for children

The best in life is a smile from a child! Our wish is to keep this special smile always shining! TagVita offers a various range of products designed especially for our little ones.


Post-treatment period and ankle orthopedic impairment

The air/gel anklet orthosis has an extensive range of medical applications in supporting the functional post-treatment period and ankle orthopaedic impairment.


Splayfoot-Vegetable tanned calfskin ceiling insole

Reduces discomfort from flat or splay feet problems, providing natural and beneficial support for the feet, muscles, and ligaments. Relief for standing and walking. Covered with finest calf leather, vegetable tanning, extra gentle to the foot.

Size: 25/26, 27/28, 29/30, 31/32, 33/34


Daisy Vario

The merrily squeaking Daisy is the ideal assistance e.g. on the therapy table of a wheelchair. It stimulates the joy of movement. The Vario version of Daisy can be fixed in the desired position by the Mobeli latching system: horizontally, vertically, and bent 45° to the left or right. The possibility of variable adjustment allows the grip inclination to be fine-tuned for an optimal grip position, which is particularly helpful for an eased hand position, e.g. very important for spasticities or contractures.


Daisy Horizontal

The Daisy Horizontal has been conceived to stabilize the hand and to keep a firm grip for small children. The yellow duck makes children curious and stimulates them to seize it and to squeeze it. Thus our little treasures can playfully and quite incidentally train their fine-motor skills.